Encore Education Centre

Our Event Info

Annual Open House in September

Our academic year starts in the fall. We get together to rekindle the relationships and see what is planned for the fall session.

Annual General Meeting in May

Fund Raising

Fundraising events will be advertised in our announcements page.

Chicken Dinner & Silent Auction in March

This is an important fundraising event. We combine this with a silent auction. For this we can always use more help to peel potatoes, serve desserts or canvass the community for items for the silent auction, etc – Sign up to help here.

Yard Sale During Summer Months

Another fundraiser, the yard sales get us the opportunity to make some much needed money and spend a good day together.

Encore and Cornwall Bingo

Did you know that funds derived from Encore’s role as a participating sponsor with Cornwall Bingo Centre play a key role in helping us keep our fees at an affordable level? Encore volunteers sell cards, call winning numbers and perform various other duties at bingo events.

Members are encouraged to donate to these. It’s also a great chance to get rid of some of that stuff that we have been meaning to give the heave hove to.

Help With An Event