Encore Education Centre

Frequently Asked Questions


146 Chevrier Avenue, Unit B, Cornwall, Ontario  ( see map )

Yes. Parking can be found just outside the entrance.

Yes, there are several washrooms immediately adjacent to the classroom.

Yes, there is a refreshment counter where coffee, tea and water is available for purchase.

Yes the classroom is wheelchair accessible. The washroom, however, is not currently wheelchair accessible.

About Encore

Encore Education Centre is a non-profit organization based in Cornwall, Ontario offering educational courses and information sessions designed primarily for adults 50+.

Encore was started in 1994  in collaboration with St Lawrence College.

See history here.

Encore is run by a volunteer Board of Directors.

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The Centre is financed through course fees, fund raising, grants and the generous donations of our patrons. 

More info can be found here.


There are all sorts of educational and informational courses-see the course listing for a complete list of current courses  here.

Most presenters come from the local area and are highly qualified in their field of interest.

A course listing and complete course descriptions are available here on this website. In addition you can request that we mail you a listing of the courses

Not at this time.

No*. Leaving registration to the last minute, however, may result is there being no space left on the course. Registration is subject to space availability, first come first served.

The presenters are qualified volunteers who donate their time to provide information about their career field or about a personal interest they have. come first served.

The Curriculum Committee chooses the courses. Members make suggestions on which courses they would like. Additionally, presenters will come forward and volunteer to present a course.

You can reach out to the Encore administration staff here or call them at (613) 937-1525 with your suggestion. They will pass your suggestions to the Curriculum Committee.

Pass your query to the administration staff here or call them at (613) 937-1525. The Curriculum Committee will be most pleased to talk with you about this

Fill out the form here or call us at 613-937-1525

Go to course registrations, send us an inquiry on our contact form or simply give us a call at 613-937-1525

There will be an announcement on the main page,  on our events page and on the Encore voice mail (613) 937-1525

No. A membership is NOT required to take a course.


Courses are delivered in two hour sessions.  A “course” can be comprised of a single two hour session to as many as 8 two hour sessions. A single two hour course costs $20.00. A course containing 8 two hour sessions costs $80.00. The cost of courses is found in the course description part of this website – view courses.

There is no membership fee. You simply pay for the courses you want to take.

Payment may be made by cheque, cash or credit card (Visa & Mastercard) only. We do not accept Debit card nor on-line payments. Our administration staff will accept payment from you.

Refunds/Credits-A full refund will be issued if your courses are not available. Requests for refunds or credits for other reasons must be received at least one week prior to the start date of the course.


Encore has to pay rent, wages for administration staff, insurance, replacement furniture, internet/telephone, computer equipment.

Course fees only pay 54% of our expenses.


No, any adult can take our courses.


Encore is able to provide tax receipts for donations over $10.00


Yes. Opportunities exist as presenters, Board member, Committee members and fundraisers.

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